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Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge: 1x6

Episode Six

In this series finale, Alan dances with the Alan Partridge playmates- a group of women wearing skirts, blazers and Alan Partridge masks. He then meets the child actors, Scott and Dean McLean. They are unimpressed by his gifts of a toy car and a mask and his confusement of the term CD-ROM with the name Seedy Ron. He then speaks to the two lesbians who are due to host the show for gays and lesbians to take the slot KMKYWAP was in. He comes up with numerous names for Wanda Harvey and Bridey McMahon before they come up with anagrams. Alan is displeased to find that porn legend is an anagram of Glen Ponder, whereas anal dirgeprat is one of Alan Partridge. Then, the crap comedian Joe Beasley tells some awful jokes with a small monkey puppet. Alan then meets the restaurant critic for the Spectator, Forbes McAllister. Forbes bought a load of Byron memorabilia in an auction because Michael Winner was bidding for it.

Oct. 21, 1994