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Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge: 1x4

Episode Four

In this episode, supposedly from Paris, Alan is given a French co-host, Nina Varnier who annoys Alan with her knowledge of the English language and international culture. They both meet the culinary genius, Philippe Lambert who dicusses philosophy with Nina, while Alan samples his hors d’oeuvres, including a vol-au-vent containing a bulls testicle, which Alan spat into a napkin after realising what it was. The next guest was Alain Perdrix, the French name for Alan Partridge. He was a HGV driver who had made deliveries to Britain several times. He was puzzled when Alan presented him with a tie and blazer badge combination pack and a painting of a bulldog with frogs legs. Then, the arts group known as Cirque des Clunes gave a vulgar performance depicting sexual intercourse and homicide. They then made Alan out to be flatulent before interrupting his introduction to the next guest repeatedly. Nina explained to them, in French that Alan was out of order.

Oct. 07, 1994