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Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge: 1x2

Episode Two

Alan met the new agony aunt for the soft porn magazine, Playboy. He found her very sexy until he realised that she was a man who had had a sex change. He then met the magician Tony LeMesmer who hypnotised him, making it known that he adored Ursula Andress and would love to have sex with her unless it meant stopping on the hard shoulder of a motorway despite not having a malfunction with his vehicle. Alan also met another Alan Partridge who had a facial tic and worked on a ferry. He also met the Hollywood couple, Tanya Beaumont and Gary Barker who denied their marriage was breaking up. Tanya then revealed that Gary was impotent and broke his sunglasses which were worn by James Dean the day he died. Alan was then strapped to a rotating wheel and had knives hurled at him by Tony LeMesmer.

Sep. 23, 1994