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Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge: 1x1

Episode One

In this episode, Alan met the boring showjumper Sue Lewis who refused to jump on a horse on the hard studio floor. The horse then defecated on the floor. Alan then spoke to the brash new presenter of the programme “”This is Your Life,”” Keith Hunt. Alan claimed that Roger Moore would appear at the end of the show, but Keith doubted this. As it was Keith’s son’s birthday that weekend, he was on the show. Alan then presented the boy with tickets for him, his mother and her boyfriend to go to Disneyland which naturally annoyed Keith as he had access to his son that weekend. Then, the singer Shona McGough performed a number which started off sweet and cheerful. The song ended with her screaming “Bloodbath! Bloodbath!” and singing an account of a massacre taking place. Her and her backing band sat down on the sofa and the chairs, and ate pears. Alan then invited Keith, Sue and Shona into a special room where Roger Moore was supposed to appear, but spoke down a crackly phone line to Alan instead.

Sep. 16, 1994